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Hull and East Riding

Astronomical Society

Welcome to HERAS  2019/20

A member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies      

   Latest Updates:  June 1st 2020


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Dr. Michael Martin-Smith, former President of HERAS, greets our final speaker for the 2014/15 season,  Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

Professor Brad Gibson, director of the E. A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics at Hull University, speaking to us in 2018.

Prof. Ian Morison, Emeritus Gresham Professor of Astronomy, telling us ‘The Story of Jodrell Bank’ in March 2018

Covid-19 Response (Coronavirus) - Cancellations

In line with the Government recommendations to slow down the spread of the virus and to reduce the peak load on the NHS, HERAS has cancelled all of our activities until further notice. This means no lectures for the foreseeable future - probably until the early Autumn or until the outbreak fades away. We are very sorry to disappoint everyone but we’ll get up and running again as soon as the advice from the government changes.

Our room in the Cottingham Civic Centre is booked for next season, so we can restart as soon as possible! The dates are here.

We will keep in touch via this website, and with members via email, when we have news. If you have images for the Gallery or news for the Events page (less likely obviously!) do send them and the website will be up updated regularly.

Take care everyone, and stay safe!

Dr. Chris Arridge of Lancaster University, talking about ‘Exploring the Solar System With Robots’ in February 2019.

Peter Rea, of the Cleethorpes Astronomy Society, speaking on “We Choose to Go To The Moon – Personal Recollections Of The First Moon Landing” in September 2019.